Where to buy geotextiles and geosettes?

All kinds of geotextiles are actively used under capital suburban and urban construction, laying communications, road works, landscape work, etc.

Our company sells:


Geotextile canvas for work when laying and repairing roads


What is a geosquet?

This is a synthetic material that has a mesh structure made by the method of interweaving fiberglass, it is designed to reinforce soil and asphalt concrete. Even in a humid environment, it is resistant to decay, in relation to the chemical and biological effects inert, frost -resistant, not fuel, resistant to destruction and deformation, is not subject to corrosion.

Fiberglass geosquet is the latest product that greatly simplifies the construction and repair of roads. You want to buy high -quality geotextiles? Or you want to buy a geoster? The main interest among buyers is geotextiles (geosettes, geogs), which is in great demand in the building materials market, a wide area of ​​use of this product among specialized companies, and among individuals. Geotextiles are made of high -quality polypropylene or polyester by fastening the fibers with a thermal or mechanical method. The life of this geomaterial is about seventy years. The desire to buy geotextiles is caused by the universality of use and high technical parameters that have geomaterials.

An important characteristic of products is their increased resistance to all kinds of environmental influences. Geotextiles are not afraid of temperature differences and increased moisture, for this reason it is used in road works. All geomaterials have biological stability – they are not susceptible to rot, as well as the occurrence of mold and fungi, they are of no interest for rodents and insects. Geotextiles are used for:

Arranging various roofs

Booking the foundation

Construction of drainage systems

Separation of soil layers

Landscape work

Strengthening slopes

Laying of temporary and capital roads

Creating a reliable communication system

The use of geotextiles makes it possible not only to isolate the desired layers, but also to strengthen the soil.Buy geotextiles is not a difficulty. Our prices are affordable, the discount system makes us cooperation very profitable for regular customers. Here you can always buy a geoster of any kind. We always have large parties of various goods. If the geotextiles you are interested in, there is no in the warehouse (which is rare), then we will bring it to you on the minimum time.

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