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The loading floor of the press consists of 20 steel sheets with a thickness of 26 mm, on which the blanks are approaching. After filling the floor, these plates, along with the blanks, are loaded into a hydraulic press, and steel feeding sheets simultaneously pushes ready -made slabs from the press to a unloading floor.

Loading steel slabs are returned to the starting position, and bonfires from bonfires remain on the press plates, since special stops delay them there, not allowing to return with the sheets back. After pruning the plates, they are kept on the four sides and polished on both sides.

Development of methods for accelerating the pressing process has led to simplifying the production scheme, which is based on the replacement of a multi -storey press with several gaps between plates, a press with one clearance and two hot plates.

The transition to the use of single -entertaining presses is explained by the fact that with a sharp reduction in pressing time, the time for the operation of loading and lowering the loading ebony in relation to the first becomes too long and begins to detain the process, since during the pressing the set of plates for one load does not have time. The design of the press, loading and unloading devices is simplified.

In the production scheme of stoves with pressing in a single -line press, the technology for preparing the press mixture does not differ from the technology described above according to the production scheme of multi -layer plates. For the formation of the capture carpet, the same forming machine is used with simultaneous fractionation of chips, but with the difference that it is installed not stationary, but on the carriage.

A more detailed description of this installation is given in the chapter pressing. The result is a continuous stove tape, which is then cut into the specified dimensions.

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