Performing a planned task

Based on this and from the planning fund of time 1 working (280 days), the average number of production workers is determined as follows: Starring of cement

The total number of all production workers according to calculations for redistributions is 100 people.

When developing a technical industry plan, the planned number of production workers is most advisable to calculate by the number of servicing jobs (when servicing certain production units) and for existing reasonable production standards (at work not related to equipment maintenance).

Calculation of the number of production workers by the number of existing equipment (excavators, motor vehicles, presses, mills, drying, stoves, etc. D.) is based on the establishment of a shift standard of workers to maintain the workplace. The replaced service rate of the unit of equipment is established by the technique of technical regulation, taking into account the experience of production innovators, the rational arrangement of workers in workplaces, the possibilities of combining professions and servicing equipment.

In some cases, it is allowed that the production standards for equipment be established based on the need for

raw materials, semi -finished products and t. D., not from the capacity of the unit. For example, the technical performance rate of the excavator200 m3, and the need for clay to change to complete the shift task of the molding workshop90 m3, respectively, the excavator production rate is set in 90 m3.

In order to determine the required number of workers serving the equipment of the enterprise, it is necessary to make a planned arrangement of workers in relation to the specific conditions of this production and the volume of products.

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