We make the ceiling

Basically in the apartments, ceilings are either packed or whitewashed, and in order not to crumble a new putty, first of all, the ceiling must be blurred. Everything is simple, take a washcloth (rag, brush), water and manually erode. After taking a roller, a spray or brush and primer the ceiling.

Shpaklevka technology

After the ceiling is primed, you can start putty. You will need a finished putty and two spatulas. For example: 35 and 7 centimeters wide. We knead according to the instructions. We apply the first layer, let it dry well, then put down one more time.

As soon as the putty dries, thoroughly fabricate the ceiling. It is required to do this high quality so that there are no irregularities and scratches on the surface of the ceiling. To do this, it is best to use an abrasive net, which is better to put on a special grater sold in any building materials store.

Gleet a bugt for the ceiling

Many often make a mistake of the baguette directly to the wallpaper. It can be glued not on glue, but on a putty. To do this, it is necessary to knock to cut the right angles on the baguette. We take the baguette and cut on one side the angle, which we join with the other baguette in the corner of the ceiling. After applying a putty with a step of 20-30 cm. Now glue and press the baguette to remove excess. Next, smear the gap between the baguette, wall and ceiling with putty. Then we remove the excessive putty with a damp sponge.

The ceiling is almost completed, the case remained behind painting. To do this, you need a brush for the coloring of the baguette, the cuvette for rolling the roller, and the roller itself actually. It is necessary to paint in two layers, and apply the second layer after the first. For better painting, the second layer it is advisable to apply across the first.

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