Where to buy good roofing tiles at a low price?

Elitastar has long been successfully offering its customers high -quality building materials from reliable and trusted domestic and world manufacturers. One of the important materials, for the choice of which we pay more attention than the Dyal of the choice of foolish building materials is roofing. You should probably not explain how important a reliable and high -quality roof for the house is important, which will protect the house from heat and weather. Therefore, in this article we will tell you about such a material as bitumen tiles.

Bitumen tile

The roof can be called the most important element in any house. It is on its reliability and strength that the living conditions that will be in the house depend.

Therefore, the choice of roof should be approached very seriously and responsibly. The finished roofing for your home should be high -quality, reliable, durable, resistant to bad weather and abundant hot sun. The edge of that, the roofing should be aesthetically beautiful and pleasant to the eye, have a suitable color that will complement the overall picture of the personal plot, and create harmony.

Quite popular material at the moment among many assaulters is a bitumen tile. This is understandable if you take into account how much this material has positive qualities and properties. However, let’s all in order.

First we will understand the technology for the production of this material and find out its composition.

The basis of this material is specifically densely – fiberglass. The fiberglass has a double -sided coating that is torn by a layer of bitumen, oxidizes and modified. Natural basalt crumbs provide reliable protection against numerous damage. It also gives the surface of the tile an attractive appearance. Additional density is achieved through the use of a special granulatory, which consists of three fractions. The coating of the tile is specially created by embossed and heterogeneous in order to completely protect the spread of fire over the roof, helps easy snow from the roof, and also provides reliable protection against rain and sun, which helps to destroy surfaces due to constantly influence.

Ready bitumen coating – the tile will have good properties – sound insulation, as well as exclude the effects of various chemical and biological factors (mold, fungus, and durgone). All processing is completely safe for human health and do not distinguish harmful substances into the surrounding atmosphere.

Tiles sheets are made in size 1 meter x 34 centimeters, tiles of the required shape are already cut out of this sheet – hexagon, rectangle, various broken figures.

You can get acquainted with the assortment of the Elitastar store here – .Elitastar.by/catalog/krovel_noe_pokrytie/bitumnajacherepica/index.html, or here – .Elitastar.by/catalog/sajding_i_kassetnye/index.HTML.

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