Exhibition of building materials for the news industry

A month later, an exhibition will be held in the capital, which is completely dedicated to building materials. It will be particularly intently paid to the materials designed to perform finishing work. At the exhibition you can not only see a lot of useful, but also buy siding or other materials you like.

Within its framework, a presentation of new projects will be held and the organization of a special exposition dedicated to the use of wood in construction will certainly be planned.

The participants and visitors of the exhibition will give such a single narrow -minded exposition to familiarize themselves with the use of innovative technologies that are introduced into the use of wood, see modern building materials, the basis of which is a tree, get the answers to any question from manufacturers.

At the exposition, it will be possible to establish useful relations with distributors, dealers, designers and manufacturers.

The need for exposure

The organization of such a specialized exposition was initiated after surveying among visitors to previous exhibitions. Studies of the building materials market have testified about the presence of steady increase in consumers to wood, since it acts as an environmentally friendly alternative to other building materials in civil and industrial construction.

The topic of a specialized section includes the main methods of using directly wood, as well as materials based on it in various fields of construction. For example, it will be shown how wood is used in the construction of the Rostov stadium.

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