Arrangement of the house area Stroygrad landscaping and landscaping of the territory

The convenience of living in any settlement is determined by infrastructure, cleanliness and order. For these purposes, improvement and landscaping of public territories is carried out, without which a city with a developed industry would have turned into a zone unsuitable for human life. The device of parks, gardens, alleys, hedges and flower beds not only give a beautiful well -groomed look to the city or metropolis, but also retain their inhabitants’ health.

It is impossible to plant plants as powerless and organize corners and recreation areas, this is done by companies in the improvement of territories in St. Petersburg and in satellite cities. KinetikSport experts have vast experience in refinement of plots after the construction and reconstruction of buildings; Devices of playing and sports house platforms. In this case, the landscape, area and features of the site to be arranged are taken into account.

What work is carried out?

It is not easy to put in order any territory, whether it is a court of private house, high -rise buildings or public square. A separate difficult task is the improvement of the territory after excavation and the end of construction. Employees of KinetikSport will develop an original project, carry out improvement work, build gaming and sports grounds for organizations, private houses or by order of the municipality. Work is carried out in several stages.

1. Design documentation for measures is being developed and approved – from the drainage and relief planning to landscaping and landscaping.

2. The territory is cleaned of construction garbage.

3. A unique landscape design is created, taking into account the location on the site of paths, plantings, a device of fences and street lighting.

4. Tiles or asphalt are laid, decorative plants are planted.

5. MAFs of various types and destinations in the places equipped for relaxation are installed.

In each individual situation, the wishes of the customer are considered, his financial capabilities are taken into account, so the price of landscaping is calculated individually. If necessary, some changes may be made in order during the territory.

Why is it worth choosing “kinetiksport”

Regardless of whether the improvement of the courtyard of a private house or citywide territory is necessary, KinetikSport is guided by one principle: high -quality work in the period agreed by the contract. Given the wishes of the client, employees of the organization will develop a unique project and bring it to life. Detailed information about the types and timing of work, the conditions for applying for an application and payment of the order are presented on the website/uslugi/Blagoustrojstvo-Territorij/

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