Plastic windows – how to make a choice correctly?

In your life came the moment when it is necessary to make important changes in the interior of the apartment or house. What can radically change the type of room, make it more comfortable, warm, bright, cozy? There seems to be a way out – this is a simple replacement of old windows with metal -plastic.

Let’s try to understand the reasons why the preference of consumers is given to them. According to statistics, every third family stops choosing to improve the appearance of the dwelling precisely on them.

The first reason is the aesthetics of products. The snow -white frame, a flat, geometrically correct design turns any room into a neat and attractive.

The second reason is the saving of the budget by reducing the consumption of energy for heating the premises. The metal -plastic structure holds the heat in the room by about half, depending on the profile.

The third reason is the excellent soundproofing of the premises. If the apartment or house is in the immediate vicinity of the noisy prospectus, street, tracks- the acquisition of a window system is an optimal correct solution. In addition, hermetic double -glazed window does not pass street dust, moisture, insects.

Double glass package.

The design uses a double glass packet, which allows you to increase the sound – and thermal insulation. The design for holding heat is identical to brickwork with a thickness of 30 cm. If the chambers are filled with inert gas, heat losses will decrease by another quarter.

There are various types of profile systems.

3-chamber profile. It is a very convenient and economical option ideal for buyers who have a central heating system at home.

5 – Chamber profile. In case you have more demanding requests for thermal insulation, and you are constantly using heating devices.

6 – Chamber profile. It is purchased if they decide to approach the question of replacing windows more radically. These windows, made using special technology, will provide you with full sound insulation and optimal safety.

Installation of frames

You can use the fixing method on mounting plates, however, the sash of the window overloads the frame and is therefore more reliable to fix with the use of anchors. Although, if the window is deaf, then the first way is quite acceptable.

The basis of the installation of a plastic window is an accurate exposure of a horizontal and vertical frame. An anchor will fix the position and the accuracy of the installation will be achieved.

If you need to replace the double -glazed window in a plastic window, then contact the window window. The company Okhanervis provides a wide range of services both for the installation of plastic windows and their repair.

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