Country fences

For any private house, as for a summer residence, fences are a very important attribute. The thing is truly multifunctional. A high -quality fence will be able to protect from the wind and dust, of which there are enough outside the city. Will be able to protect from undesirable penetration into the territory – this applies to both wild animals and strangers.

Good fences for summer cottages can be purchased from a company that has been engaged in the production and construction of fences for several years, and, of course, has already has a certain experience in this area, which helps a lot in the production of very high -quality products.

It is not to say that the construction of fences is a simple and unrelenting process, there is no. On the contrary, this is a very complex and responsible production, since the fences, in fact, are an architectural structure, and when marrying, it can stand for no more than a year.

As a rule, summer cottages should be reliable protection, both for the house itself and for the site. The installation of a complex signaling, or hiring a watchman, looks too much wasteful. That is why during the construction of dacha fences, it is worth combining the external light, unobtrusive beauty with high protective properties, in all respects (thieves mentioned above, as well as wild animals, dust, etc.).

So, what materials are the most suitable for country fences’ there are several of these:

Metal fences, which, by the way, have a considerable number of advantages. Such fences can be really beautiful, just as it is not at all difficult to take care of them, and they are not so heavy in the repair. Putting metal fences in your dacha – you provide good air blowing for your site, and sufficient sunlight. Protects this type of fence from an invalid invasion of your site – just as good.

Have their advantages and mesh fences. First of all, it is a high percentage of passing sunlight. Next are: relative ease of installation and repair. But, unlike metal fences, such fences have a number of disadvantages. Firstly, the pillars for the fence will have to be placed a lot more often. Secondly, rodents can easily penetrate through such a grid, and a person, with the help of the most ordinary nippers, will easily penetrate the territory of your site.

Well, practically the most ideal option seems to be fences from corrugated board. Such fences are very easy to maintain. The only thing that is required for them is to occasionally wash with the help of a hose. Forms and colors of this type of fences – a lot. You can find a lot of design solutions to you right. Moreover, these fences, starting from a height of three meters, are distinguished by high sound insulation. And if there is a desire to increase it even more, you can use double corrugated board, with the sound -absorbing material available between them.

When choosing a fence, it is worth remembering that it is not at all necessary to stop at some individual option. It is worth looking for a way out and in a combination of various materials.

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