A little about the European Republic

The concept of “euro -repair” has become widely used recently. Previously, most of the repair work consisted in the re -pacing of wallpaper and painting. Now it is impossible to find at least two similar ones after repairing the apartment.

What is the difference between European repair and normal repairs?  It all starts with the participation of a qualified designer who is developing a project of future repairs. It includes: design, materials, choice of furniture, circuit circuits, water supply and ventilation. You get the opportunity before you start to see the expected result.

And now a few words about the nuances of the European Republic.

Layout. If you decide to make European repair, then keep in mind – no standards. Square areas have long sunk into the past. They were replaced by niches, round walls, arches and decorative elements. A successful layout allows you to visually increase the room and at the same time give it the uniqueness, reflect the character of the owner of the apartment.

Of course, the future design of the apartment is purely individual. Someone likes the classic style, but someone needs something extravagant. The designer can take into account any of your wish. And if his arsenal does not have what you need, then he will come up with it.

Materials. The market is filled with a huge number of materials of various price categories.  A non -knowledgeable person is difficult to understand their diversity. But the better the material, the more expensive it costs. When conducting a renovation, you will be consulted by specialists who will help to achieve the maximum effect in the design with the minimum cost of cash. The cost of renovation depends on materials and the complexity of work.

You should not expect a high -quality repair if you invite the Shabashnikov brigade. To carry out high-quality repairs only to masters of professional people who specialize in certain work.

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