It is unlikely that in our time you can find a construction site on which there were no work on concrete. Concrete is used both for the manufacture of foundations and for basic construction. And in that and in another case, it is important how high -quality alignment was carried out. It is to obtain a durable monolith with a flat surface that a special tool is used – a vibro -barrier.

The device of the vibration does not affect the imagination. This is a regular metal profile equipped with an engine that creates mechanical vibrations. Vibro -racks make different sizes, the length can reach ten meters.

There are vibrations that work on guides and floating vibrors. The first type is more universal in work, but the second allows you to process large areas much faster, and the tool does not deepen into the concrete mixture, but slides on top. Where it is not too convenient to use ordinary vibro -renovations, their modifications are very helpful – telescopic vibrations, the frames of which are extended to the desired width, and sectional, the width of which can be changed, setting a certain number of sections.

By type of engines used, vibrations are classified as gasoline and electric. Gasoline is much more powerful and mobile, electric ones are more environmentally friendly, they are good where there is no way to ventilate the room. In addition, they are more economical than gasoline. You can order such vibrations in the company’s unit, where there are models with various power and purpose.

The vibration is as follows: powerful mechanical fluctuations in the engine are transmitted to the frame, which, in turn, affects the concrete mass. Under the influence of vibration from concrete, air is displaced, which makes it strong and durable. In addition, thanks to vibration, the mass of concrete is evenly distributed along the formwork, excluding the formation of cavities.

More information about vibrations can be found on the AGREGATMSK website

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