We have an excellent selection of equipment from Germany pumps boilers radiators!

We have an excellent selection of technology from Germany-suction, boilers, radiators!

What range of circulation pumps is offered by modern online stores? Given the specificity of the product you will have to spend time to find a good store of special equipment. Although instead of long searches you can just go to the website of the Teploteka online store!In this store you can buy pumps of excellent quality from the best foreign manufacturers!

We suggest you evaluate our catalogs and turn your attention to such a model as the Halm Hupa 25-4 circulation pump.0 U 180! This model was made in Germany in modern production, and passed all the necessary tests! In addition, the goods are presented at reduced prices! Such a pump is designed for use in heating, air conditioning and cooling systems. Systems where you can use such a pump for a variable performance! The pump circulates water inside the systems. This model is an energy -saving development and is able to work uninterruptedly with a voltage of up to 260 V! The device is equipped with a special system, which allows to exclude the formation of condensate and extend the life of the pump for a long time. Compared to the pumps of competitors’ companies, we offer you a device that is specially improved in order to maintain performance in any conditions. Pumps work silently and without vibration. German quality products guarantee reliability and high performance.

In addition to pumps on the website of our online store you can order heating boilers, heaters, radiators, water heating convectors, tanks and containers, as well as all for external networks, alternative types of energy and much more. We provide you with the opportunity to establish life and communications in our house or at production at low prices. Your life security and comfort is our task!

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