What are novice businessmen mistaken in?

Many in our country dream of opening their own business in order to improve their financial situation in order to work only for themselves, not obeying the leadership and employers. But thousands of novice entrepreneurs became bankrupt at the starting stage of doing business. After all, entrepreneurship is such a kind of activity that requires the knowledge of many nuances and details, their attentive and thorough study.

Experts say that the main mistakes of beginner businessmen are the following:

• illiterate distribution of starting (initial) capital. Many novice businessmen begin their activities with the acquisition or rental of commercial real estate and purchase of expensive equipment. But the basis of almost any business is the sale of goods or services. Therefore, first of all, the entrepreneur must establish sales channels and organize the sales department.

If at this stage entrepreneurial activity will develop successfully and bring decent income, then only then the businessman should think about creating the official website of his company, on renting an office, warehouse or commercial premises and the acquisition of the necessary equipment.

• improper determination of the target consumer. Unfortunately, not every novice businessman clearly understands who will use his goods and services, to satisfy whose needs he created this business. It is because of the improper determination of the target audience that the advertising campaign is ineffective. Only after the entrepreneur finds out who will be the target consumer of his services and goods, the business will bring income.

• Excellent hopes. Many entrepreneurs believe that their own business will make a profit from the first days of its discovery. If the first weeks business does not bring income, most beginner businessmen turn it away without waiting for positive results. Experts advise being patient, because many new companies are forced to work at a loss for the first months, and only after six months they begin to receive a certain income.

There are a lot of mistakes that beginner businessmen make: this is the wrong personnel management, and illiterate handling of money, and unreasonable appeal to banks for a loan. The main thing is that a novice entrepreneur sincerely believes in his own strength and professionalism of his employees. Only then can he hope that his business will become successful and profitable.

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