Houses from a bar

Brows houses belong to a cheap category of a country house. This is proved by the practice of past years. But besides the fact that such structures can be affected by acceptance, they have many distinctive advantages that allocate them from the best side.

The houses from the bar are pleased, primarily by the fact that they are produced from environmentally friendly mats, since wood, glorified by their unique and useful properties, gave us nature itself, for which we are infinitely grateful to her. The next factor, we make a beam according to the method that allows the resulting material to remain durable for a long time and maintain its original attractive appearance.

The sufficient availability of profiled bars has made it possible that these days all age-related popularity among customers are the schemes of the house with the attic. In terms of cost, such houses are not too different from their one-story relatives, but in terms of comfortable they are very convenient.

For most people, projects of houses with an attic personify a normal house with a draft, on which all the trash unnecessary to residents accumulates. Many customers face this reckless use of a large living space, and, you see, this use of the useful space of the house is just rudeness.

Projects of the House with the attic, provided in the large assortment of our company, are beautiful for numerous families who prefer periodic visits or residence in such structures constantly. Note that if you have chosen the second va-Riant, then you should immediately order the insulation of the walls, otherwise frosty in winter the lack of insulation will be tangible, especially in the accounts for heating.

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