Decorative pond on your site

If several types are adjacent to the pond, you need a fodder mixture. Lunch of pets should be arranged three times a day. Small portions: as much as eaten in 10 minutes. With the onset of cold weather, when the temperature decreases to 10-12 degrees, only light food is used (it is also sold). At temperatures below six degrees, fish generally stop eating.

It is good if the pond is densely planted by the exposure. Pisces find food there, a pleasant shadow and a place for spawning. In spring and autumn, fallen leaves and rotting parts of algae must be removed. In winter, a couple of holes for the air should be made in the ice crust. But you can’t walk on ice in any case! From this, fish are experiencing stress. After wintering, it is necessary to half lower the pond, clean the bottom and add fresh water.

The owner of the new pond has a difficult task to choose the first tenants. I want them to be beautiful, friendly and not to create unnecessary troubles.

Golyan – a small fish, holds on a flock at the surface of the water, easily tied up for this role. Each individual has a special pattern on the back, and during the spawning of the sides of males, red-green becomes red-green. Life expectancy 3-4 years.

The 3 -year -old fish lives in a flock, is distinguished by a calm peaceful character. It multiplies rapidly, so you do not need to run a lot of individuals into the pond. The fish does not like small ponds without plants. In the spring it holds on the surface of the water, basking in the sun, in the summer falls to the cool bottom. Bright color appears in the second year of life.

Okay is one of the most popular species. In a large pond it grows up to half a meter. The fish is sociable, does not dig the soil, swims in sight, hunts for insects, emerging from the water. Beginners are thrown ashore, therefore, launching them, it is necessary to reduce the level of the pond for a short time.

Koi carp has a beautiful color, will grow to 80 centimeters. A pond with a depth of less than two meters does not suit him. Social, loves to surround himself with a retinue from other fish. The smallest sometimes eats. Grows the soil, digs plants, stir up water, but gets used to the owner so that it ate all these shortcomings.

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