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Any production, regardless of its scale and level, any retail outlet and modern office, the workshop should be provided with reliable and high -quality power supply. At the moment, the only economically advantageous and reliable solution to this problem is the creation of independent portable or stationary power supply systems, which are created on the basis of a diesel power plant. Diesel generators are indispensable in case of sudden disconnection of electricity, especially in areas where there are no power lines.

Diesel generators – a source of electricity, which is used both in emergency situations and as the main power supply. They consist of a diesel engine and a generator mounted on a hard frame, and a hinged equipment that ensures the operation of the generator. For powerful power plants, liquid is used as a cooling system, air as a cooler is provided for weaker. Generators are equipped with sound insulation, which will provide you with relaxing rest without extraneous sounds.

We specialize in the sale of Cummins diesel generators, which surpasses similar in a number of characteristics: increased resource, the ability to use domestic fuel and lubricants. They are environmental engines with liquid cooling. Excellent quality, reliability, compliance with quality standards and safety standards, the durability of Cummins generators made them unsurpassed in ensuring excellent energy supply of various objects.

Before buying a diesel generator, it is recommended to consult with our specialists who will professionally select equipment suitable for working at your facility. Our company employees have certificates that certify highly qualifications. We have special software and tools recommended for service work of any complexity. When performing repair work, exclusively original spare parts are used.

We provide complete maintenance of energy supply facilities: from design work to warranty repairs, as well as post -warranty service.  We carry out regular and unscheduled maintenance, which is the main condition for prolonged and high -quality work of generators. We form spare parts warehouses, teach the customer personnel, carry out consultations, develop management and control systems, solve any tasks of installing equipment, and provide assistance when commissioning it. Our company also offers you systems of automation and monitoring of power plants, with which it will be possible to fully automate the operation of equipment, as well as the systems of wired and wireless networks for remote access to automation objects.


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