Furniture PVC windows

Why people began to change ordinary wooden windows to plastic analogues.

This is due to several reasons. First of all, they are durable and reliable. Secondly, plastic windows in Moscow allow you to get good heat and sound insulation, and an important factor that they are reliable and durable, and also do not require constant care. For example, a company "Light windows" The production and installation of high -quality plastic windows from PVC material in Moscow is performed. Such windows have proven themselves to house and cottage. With their help, you can glaze balconies and loggias. The company guarantees quality and durability.

After installing the window, some periodic care is required. In this article, we will talk about how to care for not all structures, but only for the hardware of windows.

Accessories include what can be attributed to the closing and opening system. One words are the mechanisms of the window that needs lubrication. This is what includes care for them. Twice a year, all mechanisms should be lubricated. To solve the problem, you will need only two drops of oil to ensure proper care for window details.

Oil should be applied to the moving parts, namely on loops and eccentric.

When choosing lubricants, it is necessary to pay attention to ensuring that these products do not have resins and acids, as well as elements that can destroy anticorrosion coatings. Car oil – quite a worthy choice.

Window handle care

Now a few words about window pens. It is also the part of the fittings that sometimes span. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor them, and in the case of the manifestation of some signs that can be seen immediately, without fail, tighten the fastening of the handle-this will save you from the problem of fogging glasses. To carry out this procedure, it is necessary to pull the decorative plate a little, and then turn it.

Under it are located screws for fastening handles. They must be pulled up, but do not overdo it.

Similar materials:

The choice of the door structure for the toilet and the bathroom is characterized by certain features, since such doors are slightly different from standard interior products.

Interior doors related to the classic style, each manufacturer has its own, many have a variety of architectural fashion forms.

Currently, manufacturers of plastic window systems offer any color scheme from white to black.

The metal door into the home is intended primarily to ensure the comfort of security for its owners for many years, so the design should have in about

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