Construction reinforcement

Armature plays a huge role in construction. It is mainly used to create strong reinforcing frames that allow to significantly increase the strength of concrete structures. Strictly speaking, the reinforcement is a common name, according to the rule, it is customary to call it a metal rod of a round section. Well, the frame from it according to the specification is called the totality of metal rods interconnected. But still this word has taken root, so it is used everywhere.

It must be understood that the construction of buildings and structures, especially residentials, is a great responsibility, and any deviations from a given technology and the project drawn up by specialists are unacceptable here. To avoid the occurrence of unpleasant situations at the construction site, construction control was invented on the supervision of the quality of such work, carried out by special organizations. Such companies, including, take on the task of coordinating the actions of subcontractors.

The construction reinforcement used to create structures made of reinforced concrete can be divided into strained, transverse, longitudinal and glass -plastic. The most common steel reinforcement with a diameter of six millimeters and above. It can have three options that differ in a relief pattern. The sickle -shaped profile looks like the turns of a spiral, the ring is represented by a corrugation in the form of many rings, with its spiral appearance it does not differ much from the drill.

Depending on the production technology used, construction reinforcement can be rod, wire, cold -rocked and hot roller. As a rule, metal rods have a correct round section, and the volumetric pattern on their surface is designed to ensure improved adhesion to concrete. The frame from the reinforcement is made by welding. Separately, fiberglass reinforcement should be mentioned, not afraid of corrosion, and therefore a more durable.

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