Environmental construction

Construction in harmony with ecology, for many this is a strange question, although today a lot of money is allocated in Europe to develop and maintain this area in construction. If people even briefly explain the advantages of a house built in accordance with the norms of ecology, then, of course, he will prefer it. The disadvantages of ordinary houses are few people are known, and if you know everything about modern construction, you can easily ruin your mood for the next few years, since life in such houses can be simply dangerous, and a person may not even know about it.Modern construction companies buy cheaper materials to reduce the risks that are quite high in construction. Sometimes it’s ridiculous to observe how with the help of air purifiers, air conditioners or offering customers an orthopedic pile, they seek to introduce a European ergonomic approach to the construction of houses, but it looks quite unnatural and unnecessary. The basis of any ecological system that is as convenient for humans and harmless, is the use of natural materials. But, in order to create a completely environmentally friendly dwelling, it is necessary to completely restructure thinking, not to chase profit and think about the prospect and the environment primarily.

Today, people’s health is in a deplorable state. Many become allergies already at a young age, acquire many other diseases and habits associated with malnutrition, lifestyle and completely unsuitable living conditions that many take for comfort. The general culture is reduced catastrophically, which undoubtedly entails a decrease in the culture of both construction and life. But, one way or another, environmentally friendly construction becomes fashionable, and this has to be considered contractors, at least in large orders that can only afford the elite forms of society.

To fundamentally change the quality of life, you need to pay attention to nature. So everything is arranged that if you listen to her and adopt her experience, do not chase technologies, use the experience of ancestors, then the order will be in all areas of human life. At home they will not only protect from bad weather, but will also become a source of inspiration and new ideas in life and work. Environmental construction requires certain knowledge, but comprehension of them is joyful.

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