Indicators of the monthly order

The main document, which determines the production and economic activities of the self-supporting enterprise and which has already justified itself in practice, is a monthly outfit. The content of the post-post outfit depends on the significance of the workshop or site in the overall structure of the plant and on the products or semi-finished product manufactured by it. Thus, the technological line for the production of concrete wall products will have more indicators in the order-order as its stage molding.

A monthly order-order for individual workshops is drawn up in the context of the quarterly plan of the enterprise and taking into account specific operational work in the workshops and in the areas. All indicators of the work of enterprises are quantitative and qualitative, developed in the process of intra-factory planning and systematized in terms of workshops and stages, are essentially transferred to the order outfit.

Such an organization of intra -factory economic calculation does not require an additional number of planned and counting workers. All work on planning in workshops and in areas, as well as control and assistance are carried out by the planned department of the plant.

The main indicators of the monthly order outfit for workshops can be:

production of products or semi -finished products in kind;

Lemites for labor and wage funds of employees; standards for the use of equipment, raw materials, basic and auxiliary materials;

Calculation of the workshop cost.

The order-order for each workshop is developed on the basis of a monthly assignment approved by the enterprise for the production of products, taking into account the needs and deadlines for the supply of finished products for construction. The schedule for the issuance of finished products for the construction is compiled in full consent of the enterprise and construction.

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