The apartment will grow on … paints

Why can you go to the same apartment in the area, and feel the surrounding space in different ways? How to turn a small cluttered cage into comfortable, cozy housing? You have such an opportunity. Make repairs.

First of all, draw an apartment plan and think about the work plan: try out options for arranging furniture, decorative jewelry and other changes. Select the best option.

Next, we will select finishing building materials. Light paints will expand the space. The white ceiling will look higher, and in general, the area will optically increase by 10 % interesting that the floor covering is best made by one and bright. Thus, the border between the rooms will be blurred, a feeling of spaciousness will appear. Square, darker, will expand the specific room.

Cope doors will take less space. But you can do without it at all. In this case, separate the zones with mobile means: ebrids, racks, screens or furniture. Shelves are more successful. They seem airy, less bulky. Thus plan the number of space in cabinets and racks so that things are hidden to the maximum. The order also adds freedom. Mirrors are recommended, but Feng Shui … It is better to consult with someone from the Guru, who knows how mirror volumes will be bought on you.

It is worth working on lighting. A placed tall floor lamps in the afternoon for the verticality of verticals will add heights, at night they will help create the effect of additional space. A suitable solution may be wall -mounted sconces or LED tape.

The final strokes will become curtains. Refuse heavy dark curtains. Light curtains look much more romantic and tender. Light, with a small or medium pattern, they will give the room freshness and grace.

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