A fire of bast plants

As a raw material for the filler of the chip plates, a fire can be used during special cutting using a laser of fibrous (bast) plants – flax, hemp, kenaph, and the cost of laser cutting is very acceptable, especially if you do it in the company “Kvant -Plus “.

The stalk of flax consists of three layers: an epidermis – a layer of small cells soaked in wax and minerals; bark – parenchymic tissue consisting of thin -walled cells containing starch and chlorophyll with a high pectin content, and the stem itself, consisting of the ranks of small thin -walled and hardened cells, divided into fibers. Fibers are collected in bundles, separated by parenchymmas. When processing the stems of bast plants, lignified cells of the bark and stem turn into particles called Kostroy. Losses with a lobe and drying are 25%.

Every year, when processing the stems of bast plants, about 2 million is obtained. tons of bonfires. The seven -year plan provides for an increase in flax processing by 2 times, and therefore an increase in the release of bonfires. However, it should be borne in mind that not the entire bonfire can be used, since the plants for primary flax processing are usually small (with bonfires from 1800 to 3600 tons per year) and are located relatively far from each other, and therefore the collection of such a small number of bonfires can not always be economically profitable.

The fire from the flax factory is quite crushed and dry, which simplifies the production of plates and is the advantage of this type of raw materials compared to wood. Only a larger bonfire obtained from the stems of kenaph or hemp requires additional grinding.

The fire obtained in the processing of the stems of flax-long fiber consists of a short fiber (9-25%), actually bonfires (60- 75%) and dust (7-13%). Fiber and dust are not used in the production of chipping plates, therefore, the output of fiber bonfires fit for the product from dumps from dumps can be taken within the above limits.

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