People who own cottages behind the city usually equip garages in the personal territory for comfortable storage of vehicles for the convenience of using the garage. The price of such structures is quite high, however, they have a whole list of advantages in the case of proper installation and use of automatic garage gates over the next five years you will definitely not have to think about repair work

Nowadays, several options for ultramodern automatic gates are presented on the market.  You may notice sliding, swing, as well as roller gates with automatic mechanisms. Each of these types of gates has its pros and cons, since they are designed for certain operating conditions. The most popular in the houses behind the city are swinging automatic gates, the main difference of which can be called the presence of a special opening mechanism that operates in remote mode. Just such gates are distinguished by the most democratic price. Specialists call their main disadvantage the fact that they need a lot of free space for their opening.

The sliding gates consist of one whole sash capable of moving to the right or left side along the fence. In other words, a lot of space is not required to open such a fence. However, such samples are considered an ideal option for sliding, not garage gates.

The best choice for the garage and facade of the fence will be rolled gates that can move up. Thanks to a special electric drive, the canvas is wound above the gate, however, sometimes such product samples are not cheap, which is why wealthy families choose them. To control the roll gates, it is enough to use a special remote control.

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