Stainless steel chimneys average prices

Of course, the chimney is a very important part of each heating structure – a boiler, stove or fireplace. It is through it that combustion products from the heating chamber are removed. More recently, chimneys were made of brick, as it was cheaper and convenient to operate. Old specimens worked perfectly with old boilers, as such boilers worked almost without a break and threw a lot of warm gas into the air. Thanks to such an overspending of combustible materials, chimneys almost never cool. Nowadays, modern boilers are configured to save fuel, so the pipe is often subjected to temperature change. Over time, stainless steel chimneys began to replace models from brick. This is due to the fact that they have a high level of strength and resistance to high temperatures.

Due to its round section and smooth surface, combustion of combustion products occurs faster, which contributes to uniform combustion of fuel in a boiler or fireplace. Therefore, it is very convenient and clean due to its smooth surface. To clean it you just need to open the lid from below and pour the soot. Stainless steel chimneys are very easy to install. They do not require much effort to care, so it is easy to repair.

Not all metallurgical plants perform the production of chimneys. In the manufacture, such eight rules and components are used:

Hermetic welded seam;

Column system;

Thermal insulation should withstand the temperature up to 7000C;

The use of a laser welding of galvanized metal without a violation of a layer of galvanic coating;

The thickness of the insulation should be at least 40-50 mm.;

The use of steel increased strength AISI 439;

The density of filling 120 kg/m3 is required;

The use of the first variety of steel NLMK AISI 430;

Subject to all these requirements, the product will turn out to be durable.

Stainless steel chimneys are very different. For example, the average cost of one linear meter with a wall thickness of 1 mm and a diameter of 100 mm is about $ 19 (approximately 580 rubles). The cost of a chimney with a diameter of 150 mm is about $ 20 (about 600 rubles). But if you need a diameter of 250 mm, you will have to pay about $ 42 per linear meter (approximately 1280 rubles).

Quality and ease of installation and use overlap all costs. Agree that it is better to pay money once for a stainless steel chimney than to overpay for combustible materials every month, and for repairs of a chimney made of brick every year.

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