The scope of the metal rolling

The term circle indicates a type of rental of high -quality alloy steel. Most of the areas of the national economy use a rod resistant to corrosion – stainless steel is used to manufacture. She received unique properties thanks to additives. Most often, chrome and nickel are introduced into the composition. The product obtained at the output acquires not only increased resistance to moisture -related environments, but also does not lose its initial strength in prolonged contact with chemicals of aggressive nature.

On sale is a circle of stainless steel calibrated and hot -rolled. In what areas this variety of metal rolling is used? The rod acts as the basis for the production of parts and components in sectors such as judo, car, aviation, machine tools. To the attention of the target audience is offered a bar of various lengths and diameter. Representatives of companies engaged in the release of a wide range of metal products in producing a wide range of products can easily be selected. In the acquisition of a circle of stainless steel, enterprises engaged in the production of fences and fences, window grilles, and overlapping of reinforced concrete are also interested. Rental is also used in the implementation of a number of landscape design projects. Separately, it is worth pointing out the use of a circle when arranging engineering and technical communications (installed inside both residential and industrial buildings).

The bar of the required diameter is a workpiece for parts of various shapes and configuration. The demand for this type of rental is directly related to the advantages of the material from which it is made. In addition to the above resistance to corrosion processes, alloy steel has other advantages. They are counted:

· Small specific gravity;

· High mechanical strength;

· Durability;

The ability to perceive impressive thermal influences.

Taking into account these characteristics, stainless steel circles are allowed to be used in cases where increased requirements in the field of hygiene are presented to the material. Most often, the rod goes to the manufacture of flanges – a variety of locking reinforcement for pipelines that fasten the highway with each other.

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