Plywood with adjustable lags

Updating the existing gender or the arrangement of a decorative coating in a new house often involves the installation of adjustable lag with plywood. The fastening is carried out by means of screws that provide reliability of the structure, and the space opens up wide opportunities for the installation of insulators.

Specialists of the company “Paul Repair” are engaged in the professional installation of regulated lag. How to perform plywood on the lags I recommend reading on the company Remont-Pola’s website.Ucoz at the preliminary stage calculates what function the free niche will perform in the space between the lags. Firstly, this is an ideal place for laying engineering and communication networks. Secondly, the user gets the ability to device heating floors-a cable system, infrared canvases or water coatings.

But in most cases, a system that performs the functions of heat and sound insulation is used. Employees of the company will offer several options for this material in accordance with the specific needs.

The final stage of installation is the direct installation of plywood. It carries a responsible function of the surface of the “black” floor. Its perfectly flat base allows you to further lay any coating. The main thing is to compare the characteristics and requirements for the reliability of decorative material. When using “warm” floors, there are also certain nuances in choosing the finish technology, whether it be tiles or wood flooring.

Plywood on the lag is one of the optimal flooring options, a floor arrangement option. At the same time, in order for this material to be strong, it is necessary to select a high-quality plywood that fully corresponds to the planned load on the floor, the nature and functional characteristics of the room where the installation will be made. In addition to the quality of the material, the installation is certainly important for them . Employees of the company will offer several options for this material in accordance with the specific needs. Turning to a solid company, we can be one hundred percent sure that the installation will be done professionally, without complaints.

Care for the floor, in which the basis is plywood on the lags is not very complicated and is simple projections that are akin to caring for any floor on a wooden basis.

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