To leave a “healthy” part of small businesses, you need a number of amendments to the Law on SRO

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The attacks on the part of delegates to the bill were challenged by Viktor Zabelin, president of the Union of Builders of Russia.

“I do not quite agree with the fact that the law is so bad,” says Victor Zabelin. – I understand that there are nuances in it, which we defended during the discussion of the project, but did not accept them. All unions of the builders worked on the development and amendments to the bill until its adoption. We gathered in Moscow, discussed these issues in Krasnoyarsk, St. Petersburg, so the law turned out to be quite prepared. We constantly defended our concept of this law, which was that Sro was created at the regional level, relying on our unions that exist in more than 70 regions, and also discussed the creation of another head of the head, national, which would take on the development functions new all -Russian norms and rules.

We managed to carry out this idea to life, it is adopted. You asked not to burden you with frequent planned and unscheduled inspections of supervisory authorities. We formulated this issue very clearly: SRO verification can be carried out no more than once a year.

The issue of checks was raised more than once. Literally after the adoption of our editorial office of the law after the second reading, a record appeared on the conduct of scheduled and unscheduled inspections by the central apparatus of the Rostekhnadzor management, as well as subordinate organizations. Honestly, I have come from it horror. After the discussions, the record was deleted.

Together with a group of developers of the law, we asked for not three types of SRO, but four. The fourth view is mixed. This proposal did not receive support. Further, we defended the smaller size of the compensation fund and the number of SRO members. It was hard to defend the position on the insurance of risks and responsibility. After all, the insurers themselves are not yet ready to insure builders.

We also do not want this insurance, because it will cost “in a penny”.

They explained to the deputies that we already have crazy housing prices. By introducing compulsory insurance, we will increase the cost of a square meter even more. Unfortunately, we were not able to defend these positions.

But still it is impossible to talk about that the law is completely bad. There can be no talk of extension of licensing.

No one will return to licensing. We have three months of this year and the next year, when you can work either under a license or already in the composition of SRO.

I strongly recommend that you today start preparing proposals and amendments to the law. After all, amendments have already been made to the Town Planning Code several times. Correct Law No. 148 can also.

There are many questions related to small businesses. We need a number of amendments to this law in order to leave a “healthy” part of the small business, which is involved in the work. If the small organization honestly works and is able to perform the work that it declares, it can and should be accepted in SRO.

Not a little business cannot be dispensed with, and therefore we must make changes – perhaps it will be reduced contributions to the compensation fund, smaller entrance fees.

Therefore, it is illegal by the statement about the Que Small Business “Dies”.

Nikolai Glushkov also supported the bill. According to him, today about 22 thousand are registered in the Siberian Federal District. construction organizations, of which only half. It is simply impossible to effectively manage so many companies. Self -regulation will put the market in order, clean it from ballast. According to forecasts, by June 2009, about 25 % of companies with construction licenses will leave the market ..

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