Water treatment

What is behind the concept of “water treatment”? It consists of a set of actions aimed at purifying water to the required characteristics. In this process, water not only gets rid of various impurities, but also changes its composition. And since the composition of the water in various areas of the country is different, this procedure will respectively be different. Different properties of water entail various methods of water treatment and the purchase of the desired equipment. Supporting and water treatment in Moscow are carried out by A-Service specialists, more on the company’s website /

Share such concepts as production and household water treatment. The main differences in production water treatment and home are large volumes of incoming water and more primitive filters.

Water treatment is divided into stages. The first of them is clarification. This process is the destruction of organic additives, as well as large -sized mineral particles. In the process of lightening, water is processed by means of coagulants. Still, to separate some large particles use small -section filters.

Next, disinfection occurs – the procedure for cleaning water from harmful bacteria, often making water in open water bodies unsuitable for drinking. To reduce the number of bacteria to the required limit, water is mainly customary to disinfect chlorine, however, with the development of the latest technologies, it is often disinfected by ultraviolet rays or ozone is used. It also allows you to remove magnesium cations and calcium from the composition of water softening. At the same time, water is treated with lime and soda, as a result of which the carbonate hardness of the water is significantly reduced. It is also desalinated and desecrated, that is, all salt is removed from the composition of water, almost until distilled water is obtained. Desaluation can occur in several methods, reverse osmosis, distillation or electrodialysis.

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