Wooden ceilings Features and ideas of arrangement

Wood is not only environmentally friendly and aesthetically attractive, but also really universal material. He is able to “breathe”, fills the room with comfort and creates a unique game of shades on the cut. Today, buildings are not only built from wood, it is used to decorate the walls, floors and ceilings of Moscow with its many designer companies can offer customers hundreds of options and ideas for decorating premises with this noble material.

The sheathing of ceilings with wood will look organically in the interiors of almost any styles (with the exception of high-tech and futurism, which imply the use of metal, plastic, glass and other colder materials). Such a finish in ethnic interiors, rooms decorated in country styles and Provence is especially appropriate. After all, the main highlights of these stylistic directions are a plank ceiling, imitation of logs and a beam, the presence of beams of various shapes in kitchens and living rooms.

Covering selection criteria, taking into account the style of the created interior

When choosing a finishing coating, it is worth being guided not only by a budget allocated for the arrangement of a wooden ceiling, but also to the style in which the interior is issued. For country and Provence, cheaper, roughly processed wood is suitable, and for modernity and antiquity – more expensive material with a lacquered surface. In classic and ancient interiors, you can use a lattice ceiling from thin parallel planks – this option looks very elegant and noble. Finally, you should not choose a similar method of finishing for low rooms, as it lowers the ceiling 10-15 cm. And the advice in the end – so that the wooden ceiling serves as long as possible, it must be treated with antiseptics and drugs against insects, and it is important to make sure that they do not contain toxic compounds.

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