The peculiarity of the new position

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A characteristic feature of the new provision on the bonus of ITR and employees is that the prize to all leadership and engineering and technical workers is charged in the same percentage of the salary, regardless of the position held. The new bonus system has been introduced since October1959.

The streamlining of wages increased the material interest of employees in achieving quantitative and qualitative production results. However, the rates established in accordance with the new tariff grid are not constant and periodically revised.

At the enterprises, the practice of a mass revision of production standards has been canceled and this has given positive results. The abolition of a lump -sum revision of the production standards with proper planning and organization of work on the current review of the norms throughout the year allows you to order the work and wages of workers and at the same time ensure the implementation of the task to increase labor productivity and reduce the complexity and cost of products.

Time and prices are reviewed in the case of:

changes in production technology;

introduction of more progressive mechanisms and machines that increase labor productivity;

the growth of industrial skills of workers, when the development standards are outdated, do not meet the productivity of labor achieved by workers, and lead to unreasonable deviations in the remuneration of certain groups of workers.

Salaries are that part of the national income in monetary form, which the socialist state allocates to the enterprise in a planned manner for issuing workers and employees, respectively, the number and quality of the work they launched. It is divided into basic and additional.

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