For our country, the window in the bathroom is still a rarity in most apartments of the old buildings (until 2000), the bathroom only in rare cases had external walls in which it would be possible to install the window, however, the situation has fundamentally changed when our construction companies began to build apartment buildings with a free planning, in addition, even in old “Khrushchevs”, you can redevelop a bath with a kitchen and, as a result, get an enlarged area

A logical question immediately arises – which windows to choose for the bathroom. The choice here is quite wide, on the market you can find a lot of offers both in quality and in cost: wood, aluminum, PVC windows. Consider each option separately.

The tree, of course, is suitable for the bathroom: environmentally friendly material, has a margin of strength, looks aesthetically pleasing. But there is one significant drawback – the tree will not last a very long period in conditions of high humidity and with a constant temperature difference.

Aluminum is one of the last innovations. This metal is not subject to corrosion, has a natural appearance, does not emit any harmful compounds into the air. An important advantage of aluminum is a huge margin of strength, in addition, it is not deformed under the influence of high temperatures. True, a dark plaque may appear over time, but it is very easy to solve this problem thanks to the use of special care products. Of the shortcomings, the high cost can be noted.

Well, the most common solution is PVC windows. Speaking about them, you can list a huge number of continuous positive qualities, but they will fully appear only if you buy PVC windows of well -known companies, and the installation will be performed taking into account all the manufacturer’s requirements.

Polyvinyl chloride is a composite material based on plastic, a metal frame is used to enhance them, the result is a design that can last a long time. Huge attention is paid to fittings, because it accounts for the weight of the wings that open and close several tens of thousands of times during the entire time of operation of PVC windows.

Based on all of the above, we can say that PVC windows are the most acceptable option, not only for the bathroom, but for everyone else.

Taken from the site Petersburg.window/.

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