The technology for the performance of soil export


Nowadays, quite often we have to deal with a serious problem, which should be immediately after the foundation is dug for the structure. This problem is the export of soil. This is a rather complicated technological process that only experienced specialists can perform when using a large number of special equipment.

The export of soil in Moscow, as a rule, is being engaged in stages. At the first stage, the customer invites to the territory where soil masses and their export will be developed, a specialist. This person, in turn, will carry out all the necessary calculations, draw up calculation of expenses, and also give recommendations to the customer about the conduct of certain works, to solve a specific problem. This is the most crucial moment before starting the production of technological work. Only at this stage, there is an opportunity to make certain adjustments in order for the work to be completed according to the requirements of certain projects.

After all preliminary approvals with the customer, the specialists of the work executor go to the appointed place. At this stage of work on the removal of the soil, after the digging of the pit is completed, the company carries out the full selection of all the necessary vehicles.

During the development and export of soil, the following vehicles are used:

– Full-time caterpillar excavators: Atlas-1704, CAT-320C, CAT-312, CAT-330, CAT-220, Volvo-280EC;

– Wheel excavators: Atlas-1604, Atlas-1304, Atlas-1504;

– loading excavators: JCB-3CX, JCB-4CX;

– Excavators with a hydraulic hammer: Atlas-1404, Burex, JCB-3CX;

– Bulldozers: T-170, T130, Caterpillar (CAT D-6E);

– Excavator JCB-3CX or JCB-4CX loader with 0.2 to 1.6 m. cube.

– Self-seats ZIL, Euro-Kamaz, Volvo, Foton, Super-MAZ, MAN (models of rented dump trucks are agreed before starting work).

During work on the development of pits in normal soils, the process of work takes a relatively short time. But, if soils have a solid structure, you have to use a specialized technique that can destroy hard soil or rocky rock. As a rule, excavators with a hydraulic hammer are used for such work. Such a process of work significantly increases the time to carry out work, both for the development of the foundation pit and for its export from the place of work and its disposal.

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