Production of pallets

Many enterprises use wooden pallets. With their help, various goods are transported from one production premises to another. No loading and unloading of goods can do without them. Their cost is not high, but their meaning is difficult to overestimate.

As a rule, such pallets are made at the enterprises themselves, taking into account the desired sizes. Mostly used pine for the production of pallets. It has the best characteristics for the density of wood texture. Balks are fastened together with nails. The service life of the pallets is not large, but even the former shafts are used until the moment until they become unusable. In Lugansk, the production of pallets will be carried out at the capacities of the Evrospetstorg enterprise. On the official website of the company / sale and purchase of pallets of its own production is represented by high -quality products at favorable competitive prices.

At some enterprises, such pallets are also called pallets. They are divided into varieties.

First grade. A pallet that was in operation for a short time and did not receive any deformations.

The second variety. The pallet, which was in operation for a long time and has chips and small cracks that do not interfere with further use.

Third variety. These are completely old pallets that will come completely unusable in the near future.

This is a running item in the life of each enterprise. In most cases, spoiled pallets are not thrown away, but new pallets are made from the remaining beams, if there are no cracks in them. During the manufacture of pallets, if the beam cracked, then it is not increased by fastening with nails. This will lower the strength of this design.

Pallets are stored in a dry cool room where moisture does not accumulate. Because when water enters the pallet, the beams absorb humidity and swell over time, which make their further operation impossible.

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