Description of construction installation works

During the construction of any building, multi-storey building, cottage or temporary asylum for builders, construction and installation work is performed. This is a set of operations and processes, from the preparation of the land plot to the full delivery of the project to the customer, carried out in several stages. In Yekaterinburg, favorable rates for installation work are offered by the company SK Group. The company provides a full range of services, starting from the preparation of the territory – ending with editing finishing work.

First of all, it is necessary to prepare the territory, clean it from garbage, collect documents and achieve a building permit. The second step, land work is performed: drawings are prepared, the plot is marked and geodetic calculations are carried out. At the third stage, the developer performs the foundation device, in accordance with the requirements and documentation.

After careful preparation, full construction begins. The frame of the future building is being built and appropriate designs are mounted, wall laying is performed and ceilings are created. Roofing works allows you to create a reliable and modern roof, and work to protect the building, ensure its safety, eliminating the possibility of corrosion, cracking, peeling, and so on.

Facade works – a more creative process. At this stage of construction and installation works, the exterior decoration of the building is performed. You can order a design of the facade project from a construction company, providing control over the work of a professional designer. Proper execution of the facade will allow you to create a dream house, in accordance with all the desires of the customer and the adjustment of specialists.

The last stage involves the laying of external and internal communication systems: sewage, power supply, water supply, heating systems, ventilation, lighting and so on. As soon as everything is completed, builders carry out interior decoration and hand over the project. On this construction and installation work ends.

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