New apartments in LCD seasons to St. Petersburg

Among the various residential complexes under construction, you can pay attention to the LCD seasons, St. Petersburg. This complex consists of four brick-monolithic buildings with a height of fifteen, eighteen and nineteen floors. LCD seasons, St. Petersburg, will be located several minutes from the metro station. The layout of the complex provides for apartments, including from one to four rooms. The facades of the buildings of the residential complex will be decorated in pastel colors.

9 buildings LCD Devyatkino company Arsenal

The convenient location of the residential complex in the area of ​​residential areas and the picturesque large lake of the LCD Devyatkino Arsenal, 9 buildings, is supplemented by a nearby stop of public transport and a minibus taxi. A few kilometers from the residential complex of Devyatkino company Arsenal from 9 buildings is the metro station and the ring road. In addition, there is a large shopping and entertainment complex in the area and various shopping and social facilities.

The buildings of the case are built of brick, the number of floors – from sixteen to twenty. For all 9 buildings of the LCD Devyatkino company Arsenal is characterized by a single outdoor tribal trim style from porcelain. Apartments in new houses can be rented “turnkey” or prepare for finishing. The houses of the residential complex are equipped with everything necessary:

– Cold and hot water meters;

– modern engineering systems;

– radiators;

– electric meters;

– Small elevators.

The apartments have interior and entrance metal doors, skirting boards and window sills, metal -plastic windows, balconies and lodges are glazed.

Around the residential complex, landscaped playgrounds for children, recreation areas for adults, complete landscaping of the adjacent territory, guest parking lots, as well as other areas are provided. The first floors of buildings are diverted under commercial premises. The project provides for the construction of several kindergartens, other necessary objects.

New building Duderhof line, Lenrusstroy

The Duderhof line Lenrusstroy built the residential complex in a picturesque village, near the highway, fifteen minutes walk from a public transport stop. The complex is located near the forests, near the lake and a small river. Nearby is also the railway station.

LCD Duderhof line of Lenrusstroy is a few multidixed panel houses, including one-, two- and three-room apartments of various layouts. The apartments have double -glazed windows, balconies and loggias glazes. In the area of ​​the complex there are parking. The adjacent territory of the LCD is landscaped. In addition to existing kindergartens, another one will be built. In the new building area there are hypermarkets, trade and social facilities, primary and secondary schools.

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