Do -it -yourself balcony trim

To date, so many latest finishing materials for repair on the balcony have been released that there will be no difficulties when working with them.

Install PVC panels, which have a very large service life, they are functional and there is no particular difference from the wood coating. In Rostov-on-Don, the decoration of balconies and loggias, glazing of balconies-is proposed in the company Profmontazh. This company is often recommended on the Internet and reviews from customers – who entrusted the trim of turnkey balconies – in general, only positive. Read more on UGBalkon

Plastic panels have many advantages. Important quality include the impermeability of cold air, well maintains heat. The difference between the wooden coating, PVC do not absorb water. It is cleanly and convenient to clean up, only a rag is needed.

In order to look harmonious after the repair on the balcony, you need to dismantle plastic windows.

At the moment, manufacturers have tried to release a lot of color schemes. In the assortment you can find not only the panels of the same color of gold, brown and white. They also produce “under marble”, “under the tree”. In the presence of various color schemes and textures, you can make the boat finish even with a capricious taste. Plastic panels can withstand up to 60C.

Wooden trim of the balcony.

Since ancient times, the tree has been used as natural and pure material. In the rooms gives a feeling of comfort and tranquility. The tree does not allow drying air and serves as an excellent sound isolation. For decoration, pine and spruce boards are used, which are grinding and removing knots before use.

The pattern and color of each wood are individual and unique in its own way, copying such a drawing with your hand is simply not possible. After some time, a wooden decoration begins to purchase a dark color. A perceive smell of wood resins appears in the room, a feeling of presence in the coniferous borus appears.

To remain a satisfied result of work, you need to follow the correct course of work.

Creating comfort in the loggia.

At the beginning of the repair, many people are panicky afraid that the work is expected to be large and hard. But if you know where to start and how to finish the repair will not be tedious.

The first move needs to install a double -glazed window. Then you need to eliminate irregularities on the walls, ceiling. Remove with putty. The voids are sealed with sealant. Then pour the floor. Wall decoration and ceiling and after all this you can make a comfortable environment.

Decorating the balcony.

Cleaning and washing start. After that, they begin to design the interior. They do this so that you can relax after a hard day.

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