Rental of grinds on concrete Stroygrad landscaping and landscaping of the territory

Despite the variety of professional and domestic grinder, they are all designed to align, processing and grinding concrete using diamond circles. Construction equipment of this category is reliable and high performance.

Manufacturers of construction equipment offer a large number of types of professional and household mosaic grinders for working on concrete surfaces. Despite the variety of models, all of them are designed for alignment, processing and grinding of concrete using diamond circles. Construction equipment of this category is reliable and high performance. Grinders are used:

– for processing the surface of reinforced concrete structures of various shapes and size;

– with the construction of concrete and mosaic floors in industrial and storage facilities, retail and exhibition centers, civilian buildings and structures;

– to align the surface of open concrete sites of various destinations.

Types and device of concrete technology

All types of machines for processing and grinding concrete surfaces in the area of ​​use are customary to divide the two main categories: household grinding and grinding machines and professional mosaic-grinding machines.

Household devices are used to perform relatively small in terms of work. They differ in low power drive and limited by duration by the working cycle. At the same time, they are mobile, have small size and weight, are inexpensive.

Professional equipment, such as a mosaic-grinding machine CO-307, C 313, C 327 and another is used when performing large volumes of draft, grouting and grinding of the concrete surface, both in closed rooms and in open areas. Such cars have:

– powerful drive from an electric motor or internal combustion engine;

– an unlimited working cycle;

– a set of additional systems and devices;

– Light weight and high cost.

The principle of operation of equipment and machines of this type is based on abrasive effects on a strong concrete plane using various types of grinding circles, mills, disks or cups. On the working surface of each of them, spraying of artificial diamonds or diamond segments is applied. Due to the high speed of rotation of the working elements, protrusions, influx and other defects on concrete are abrupt in a short time.

Advantages of rental of grinding machines

When working on alignment, grouting and grinding of concrete on an industrial scale, professional grinding machines and small-sized manual machines for grinding concrete will be required on an industrial scale. A large number of consumables of different types and types (cutters, cups, polishing and grinding wheels) are also necessary). Professional equipment and consumables are expensive and when performing one-time volume of work significantly increase the cost of repair and construction work. Optimal solution – equipment rental.

The client, when drawing up a lease agreement, receives a machine ready for work with all the necessary equipment and consumables. If a grinding machine, the price of which is quite high, is acquired in property, questions arise about its storage, maintenance and repair. When the grinder is rented, all these issues are resolved by the lessor.

You can buy or rent a grinding machine for concrete in St. Petersburg in a specialized company RVK.THOSE. For issues of registration of a lease or purchase agreement, you should contact a manager, and you can get acquainted with the available special equipment on the page:/Prodazha-Soborudovaniya/Ustrojstvo-Polov/Shlifovalnye-Mashiny-Po-Betonu/

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