How to properly install tiles on the floor

For the competent implementation of the laying of ceramic tiles on the floor, it will be necessary to use quite serious skills and observe maximum accuracy in the course of the implementation of all this event. You can divide the installation of tiles into several processes that need to be examined in detail.

First of all, the old layer of material is removed, which was previously laid on the floor. It is necessary to eliminate the finishing material used to fix it, as well as clean the spots remaining from it on the basis. Additionally, the surface degrease should be carried out. Only under this condition can it be possible to ensure high -quality grasping of tiles with the floor surface in the future.

If impressive height changes are present on the basis, it is also necessary to get rid of them. Strongly outstanding areas must be shut. In those places where noticeable hollows are present, the recesses are filled with putty or plaster. Sometimes such actions are not enough. And in the end you have to completely fill a new screed. Here a cement mortar or self -leveling masses come to the rescue.

Application of the primer before starting tiles on the base will also not be superfluous. It will not only increase the adhesion of new glue and surface, but also make the base of the floor in a more durable. Only after such preliminary actions are carried out, you can proceed to the installation of tiles. Otherwise, the tile can simply crack after it is laid on the floor.

It is very important to choose the right option for laying this material. If you start to mount it from the center of the room, the cladding will turn out to be the most aesthetic. But then there will be especially a lot of work, and tile consumption will increase. The fact is that with this method of placing material on the floor surface in the corners of the room it will have to be cut in large quantities to carry out even styling. If you start installation from a certain wall, the material can be saved, but the appearance of such a finish will not be the most beautiful.

Apply an adhesive solution on which the tile is laid is necessary directly to the floor surface. Next, the tiles are applied to this site. In order for the seams between the rows to come out even, tiles should be separated by plastic crosses. After the glue dries, they need to be removed and the wrap of seams.

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