Where you can purchase toilet water with the smell of strawberries?

Strawberries are a very tasty and aromatic berry, which in many people is associated with summer, warm sun and forest clearings, as well as its own small garden. If you want to surround yourself with the aroma of this delicious berry now, then get a bottle of toilet water with a sweet aroma of berries.

Of course, that the best spirits were considered and are considered to be the works of French, and not only perfumers.

The first bright representative can be called perfume from m.Jacobs with the sonorous name OH Lola!

They will like the young and not very representative of the beautiful half of humanity. In addition to strawberries, which contains this toilet water in a bouquet of the composition, notes of raspberry pears, as well as the peony of vanilla cyclamena and magnolia. This fragrance will look perfectly spring or summer hot day. OH Lola is not the best option for the office, it is more suitable for bright parties or discos.

There is another equally famous composition from Miss Dior Cherie. Unlike Lola, the perfume line from Dior has become a designation for women of mature elegant and most importantly confident. Bright notes of strawberries are adjacent to the strict patchouli sandalwood and oak moss, as well as vetiver and jasmine with roses.

Well, if you need to feel an exceptionally strawberry aroma, then we advise you to pay attention to the line of Yves Rocher. The aroma consisting of strawberries, sweet and at the same time fragrant, as it should be to be this berry will fight many men on the spot. Toilet water will like, first of all, to those girls and ladies who love pure bright and fresh fruit aromas. If you use moderately these perfumes, then they are quite suitable for office use.

It is worth noting that Yves Rocher release perfumes in two versions at once – 20 and 100 million. That is, you can constantly have a full -fledged and miniature version of spirits with you.

It should be noted another type of perfume from Escada. Sexy Graffity is what you can really awaken your mind. This is a real berry mix that you can try “not to taste” but smell. It immediately combines strawberries of blueberries and raspberries, as well as peppermint peony and vanilla, and much more. A girl who chooses such toilet water is an optimistic nature that does not graze in front of any life difficulties, as well as loving entertainment. For urban use, Sexy Graffity may seem too difficult, but if you have plans to poison on vacation or a suburb, then you should certainly grab a bottle or two.

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