How to choose the right real estate agency?

Sale of three -room apartments in Moscow, an exchange of real estate in the region, concluding a transaction on the purchase of housing in a new building or simply renting a premises for industrial purposes – all this requires considerable effort and experience in order to take as soon as possible a more favorable offer that is suitable financially and corresponding to the set goals.

Why is it better to contact a proven agency?

It is better to entrust such a difficult work to a specialist from a company that is engaged in the provision of real estate services to customers. But in the choice of a company that will have to entrust your property, money and time must be extremely careful, because it is very easy to stumble upon fraud.

You need to know how to distinguish a bona fide agency from criminals so that the long -awaited sale of three -room apartments in Moscow does not turn into a disappointment.

How not to become a victim of scammers?

Often not wanting to pay a lot of money to trusted companies, people turn to less famous, throwing their attention to the first advertising on the Internet, without even reading reviews about the real estate agency.

This is what you need to know in order to protect yourself from fraud:

the authenticity of housing documents;

Carefully read all the conditions before signing the papers;

make sure that all owners and persons prescribed in the apartment gave their consent to sale;

demand the preparation of a contract of sale, not a power of attorney;

check or request familiarization with the registration of the company in the register, certificates and other documents that are required for the provision of such services;

read reviews about the real estate agency, comments of people, and in the event of their absence, it is better not to risk your money.

Why is it better to hire professionals from the company?

Rather than trying to save, it is better to contact professionals from the company proven years, without overpaying huge amounts.

Kremlin Key LLC offers its customers the provision of high -quality real estate services with a guarantee of cost security. The agency has been working with the real estate market for more than 10 years, leaving absolutely all its customers with satisfied services and the quality of the service.

That our agency can offer?

payment only after you achieve a positive result;

free departure of a specialist for expert evaluation;

the best prices;

high -quality maintenance and guarantee of safe investments;

An extensive real estate base not only in the capital, but also in the region, which will allow the selection of the most suitable option;

Free consultation from an expert online on a website with the possibility of feedback;

an office in the center of Moscow, where you will be given all the necessary assistance;

search for sellers and buyers in the market;

organization and control of all transactions, verification of documents and persons for legal purity;

notarization and introduction to the state register;

solving all problems that have arisen with obtaining a mortgage loan for real estate;

issuance of an insurance certificate at the end of the transaction;

the ability to familiarize yourself and leave your reviews about the real estate agency;

In the event of comments on the work, you can leave a complaint, which will necessarily be considered and satisfied in the shortest possible time.

Buying or selling a three -room apartment in Moscow is required? AN “Kremlin Keys” is ready to provide real estate services to all in need of customers. Qualified specialists, best prices, security, quality service and customer support – what you need exactly!

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