What is an opillac concrete?

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Opiclor -concrete has become a fairly common building material used to perform certain work. It has many positive characteristics, which makes it very convenient to use.

Only the cleanest and safe natural components are used for the production of opilcoo concrete. In particular, it includes sand, cement and wood sawdust. By the way, it is thanks to the addition of sawdust, which acts as a kind of organic filler, this material acquires excellent vapor permeability and sound absorption indicators. Sanitary and hygienic characteristics of opilcolic concrete are also at the extremely high level. Structures built from such material are distinguished by a good and soft microclimate. Opilc concrete also meets all the necessary waterwork requirements that apply to building materials. Meanwhile, for greater reliability, based on sawcop concrete blocks, you can always create additional enclosing structures, which will not be difficult. It has an opillacon concrete and fairly snapping fire resistance indicators. Depending on the technology by which it was produced, this material may be weak -wounded or not fully support combustion. This characteristic is ensured by the fact that the organic filler available in the composition of opilco concrete is quite reliably protected by a special cement-sand wall. Thus, when the material is heated, its self -adjusting occurs.

It should be noted that due to its high fire resistance indicators, Opilca concrete even overtook such a common material as polystyrene concrete foam, considered to be a trunent material in construction. Polistyle concrete foam fully and fully meets the requirements of fire resistance, which must comply with all building materials. However, opilc concrete has this indicator even higher. For this reason, it can be used without fear to conduct a full complex of any construction work.

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