Stucked grid “StroySet” Quality and versatility in one product

To carry out plastering, you are offered an excellent metal net of StroySet. Since 2007, the company successfully produces high -quality plaster mesh made of galvanized low -carbon wire. All metal products of the company are made of metals that meet GOST standards and have received all related certificates. Modern equipment and appropriate qualifications of personnel make up a successful formula for the production of a high -quality product.

Stucco metal grid Stroyset, like the masonry mesh, is formed by the method of protruding hood. Subsequent heat treatment strengthens the metal, which becomes flexible and extremely hard. Thanks to a number of properties, the plastering mesh is much more functional than the traditional welded one, and has a wider range of application. Here are just some of her advantages:

1.Flexibility. The plastering mesh perfectly repeats the irregularities and guarantees the maximum fit to the surface, which excludes the need to align the area for plastering, censor.

2. High strength. Has sufficient rigidity to serve as a fence. In case of violation of the integrity of the system, the grid does not break up and does not deform, which allows you to preserve the maximum fortress of the fence.

3. Ease. One of the main properties of the plaster mesh is its low weight. Unlike welded and woven nets, it has an excellent proportion of strength/mass.

There is a mesh made of galvanized and neocyrected steel wire 0.5 mm, made in accordance with GOST 3826-82. The length of the roll varies from 4-10 meters, depending on the size of the selected cell. The scope of the plaster mesh is very large:

plaster of any surfaces (concrete, brick, wood, foam concrete, gypsum, etc.D.). Reinforcement and plaster of walls, floor, ceiling;

sifting of dry bulk mixtures, materials (for example, sand);

reinforcement of brick clutches, concrete blocks for subsequent filling;

the formation of sidewalks, roads;

insulation of the outer parts of the walls, fixation of thermal insulation mats;

creation of temporary and constant fences, cells and aviary;

Protection from falling objects (for example, from stones near steep lifting, in mines and adits, etc.D.).

If you are interested in quickly and inexpensively purchase reliable Stucco grids Stroycet, you can get more detailed information on our website, or by contacting our manager on one of the phones available there. You can see the full range of goods and prices for them in the price list.


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