Capital repair services of balconies and loggias from Arta Group company

Art-Group company (g. Kyiv) offers residents of the capital and the region various types of services related to repair and construction work, in particular:

manufacturing and subsequent installation of metal -plastic windows and doors;

professional glazing of balconies/loggias;

the optimal expansion of the balcony area;

equipping the balcony area with additional equipment: heating, integrated furniture, etc.

The profile masters of the Art-Group company are ready to carry out partial or overhaul of the balcony room. At the request of the customer, the area of ​​the balcony can be expanded twice or even more – this is possible to carry out by extending the lower balcony plate, as well as the way of removing the balcony. At the Arta-Group web page.Org/Balconies is information that will be useful for every person who wants to equip his balcony in a separate living room. The advantage of ordering the service of arranging balconies and turnkey loggias in the company “Art-Group” is the performance of all work by experienced specialists from the beginning to the very end. Thanks to the rich experience in the implementation of the comprehensive repair service of the turnkey balcony, the Art-Group company has developed a stagnation technology for the years of phased repair and construction work. At the same time, each employee of the company owns certain skills and knowledge, as well as the necessary practical skills, especially when it comes to services that require a professional approach. Thus, having ordered a turnkey balcony at the Art-Group company, the client will receive high quality execution of the order at all its stages.

Stages of the integrated repair service of the balcony or loggia “Turnkey”

It must be emphasized that the order of turnkey repair implies a comprehensive service, so it will cost much cheaper. The order of such a service includes a phased set of work, which concerns the capital arrangement of balconies and loggias:

dismantling of old balconies and their phased repair;

glazing of balconies/loggias;

intensification of the structure;

Balcony removal;

building of the lower plate;

roof installation;

execution of balcony/loggia with wooden and plastic lining, MDF panels or drywall;

carrying out painting work;

Paul styling: parquet, laminate or linoleum;

Restoration of slopes;

sealing joints and seams;

insulation of balconies/loggias with mineral wool, polystyrene, heat screens, rituals;

heating arrangement (steam or electric);

installation of convectors;

manufacturing cabinets, bedside tables, installation of built -in furniture;

Conducting lighting, electricity, etc.

As a result of the above works, even the oldest, worn balcony will acquire a modern, beautiful view!


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