Where and how to exchange an apartment in St. Petersburg?

How to exchange an apartment in St. Petersburg?

Want to exchange an apartment in St. Petersburg and don’t know how to do it?

Already decided what new housing will be, and those who want to exchange yours – there is still no?

You dream of contacting a company that is doing this, but do not know where to call?

Not everything is so bad! Specialized real estate agencies offer all kinds of options for apartments to exchange them. There are enough grounds for this: extensive databases, a considerable number of customers who want to take such a step. Our agency is no exception: our experts are waiting for you!  At Miter, you will find exactly the option that is ideal for your requests.

If you decide how to get the treasured square meters without resorting to their purchase and sale, maybe think about the fact that in order to get real estate today, the exchange of apartments will be a real chance? Having made this deal, you can become the owner of a brand new apartment.

Just imagine: there is no need to pay taxes, visiting all the necessary instances, just an officially confirmed document and now you are the owner of the cherished square meters on the other side of the city! Tempting? Then contact AN Mitra, and we will help you turn dreams into reality!

Where to find the exchange of apartments with the greatest benefit?

Search for advantageous options for the exchange of apartments is a difficult task for an inexperienced person. The easiest and most reliable is to turn to the professional realtors of our agency, which will help to find the exchange of apartments with the greatest benefit for the client. The Mitra Agency has a sufficient real estate database that the owners are interested in exchanging for other housing.

The process itself includes several main stages:

consideration of available and suitable objects;

advertising, submission of ads to local media;

Select of real estate:

conclusion of the contract;

verification of documents;


How the database of apartments helps solve the housing issue?

Housing exchange is not so popular and in demand in the real estate market as a sale and purchase. It can be easier to get money for the existing living space, and then purchase a new. The minus of such transactions are taxes that you have to pay from each operation. In the case of exchange, the number of taxes is less, and the law provides for preferential deductions.

Meanwhile, for many people, exchanging an apartment means to best solve their housing problems. In order to quickly and profitably make such transactions, the Mitra real estate agency has a full database of apartments that allows you to choose the corresponding options for any customer requests.

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