Characterization and varieties of column foundations

One of the most common forms of bases is a columnar foundation for the home. They are several types. Most often there are monolithic and prefabricated column foundations.

A monolithic foundation is used when there are no groundwater at a depth of more than 1 meter. To build such a foundation, you need to drill or manually dig holes in the ground to the required depth.

The main requirement of columns is the presence of a reinforcing binding. Otherwise, the required stiffness of the entire structure and when the soil is displaced, the pillar can be stood. The formwork is also necessary. Its shape can be different. Most often, a round or square shape is found. Bringing the formwork, you need to leave a small space (about 10 CM). After complete hardening, this space is covered with small gravel or sand.

In places where monolithic structures cannot be installed, prefabricated columnar bases are used. You can not use the columnar foundation in the construction of a building that has a basement or basement. It is also not recommended the use of a columnar foundation during construction on Earth with a heterogeneous relief in order to avoid destruction or overturning of the pillars. Building column foundation is the cheapest option among analogues. Do not recommend arranging a columnar foundation in places with mobile soils, in order to avoid the destruction of the base and the entire building as a whole.

Building a columnar foundation, builders are faced with difficulties regarding the construction of a basement. In the case of a strip foundation – it turns out by itself, then in a columnar base it is necessary to make special concrete jumpers between the pillars.

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