Wicker furniture is cool!

Wicker furniture is original and unusual. It was previously believed that this is a purely summer option of furniture, but this view of things was seriously outdated. Bamboo furniture, rattan, vines are environmentally harmful, it is light and very comfortable. Take at least a rocking chair-it’s just a dream and comfort!

In the interior, wicker furniture is quite harmoniously combined with elements of glass, metal, leather and wood. Best, no doubt, wicker furniture approaches folk styles: country, Provence, eco-style. But with the right approach, furniture from such material can fit into any style.

For example, a wicker table. It is best to choose its low variety, such as coffee. For him, first of all, they are not afraid of inadvertently spilled tea, coffee and other drinks: the color of the table will not suffer much, and the material from which it is made is very resistant to external influences. Thanks to small sizes, such a table will not attract attention – if you do not want it yourself, since it can be focused on the interior.

Wicker chairs or stools will also fit well in almost any decor. They are light and do not have sharp corners, so they can be used even in the children’s. Sitting on them is not too comfortable, but soft pillows or covers will correct this inconvenience. If you put such chairs in the kitchen or dining room, you can give them woven breadcrumbs in the company, stands for hot and t.D. So they will make a whole ensemble. Moreover, this ensemble forged house stairs can successfully complement and create an inimitable country style, so popular in the present time.

Another wicker piece of furniture that will delight anyone – wicker chair. You can buy the usual, you can – a rocking chair. In the country they are especially convenient, because very light ones, to transfer their labor will not be. But in a city apartment such chairs add comfort and look great. The issue of equipping them with pillows or covers is solved in the same way as in the case of chairs.

If you decide to add wicker color to the bedroom, a chest of vine, nightstands near the bed, a small armchair or an elegant toilet table will be an ideal option. It is also very interesting to design in the wicker style of the head of the bed. Overload the bedroom with wicker furniture, probably still not worth. Or it should be all made precisely from a rattan or vine.

What is especially pleasing – it is not difficult to care for wicker furniture, enough vacuum cleaner. An ordinary brush is also suitable, which must be dug into ammonia. True, rattan products will also have to be cleaned with a special tool for caring for furniture so that the rods do not lose elasticity and shine.

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