Like a stone wall

If you want your door to really protect you, it must be made of alloy, that is, with the additions of nickel, chrome, titanium or other metals, and it will be better – if from potassium permanganate steel.

Make sure that there are no signs of welding on the door, especially in the castle area! The seams are able to distort, violate the structure, as a result of which after six months of operation your locks will begin to seize. The profile from which your door is made should be exclusively solid.

In addition, remember that the strong door in no case can be thin. The maximum thickness of the steel sheet should be at least one and a half millimeters. If the steel sheet is thinner, the gusty resistance and strength of the door will be under a big question. You can see how harmoniously steel doors look in the interior by visiting the website of the Bastion-S company.

The total thickness of the whole finished design should be at least fifty millimeters. At the same time, it is important to observe the main condition guaranteeing strength. Deri should have from three to six ribs of stiffness. They are located inside the door, between both steel sheets. It is worth noting that strengthening the door with a second sheet of steel is not a seller’s trick or manufacturer to sell you the door more expensive. This is an additional, preventive way to increase the level provided by the door.

Building at the door of the second leaf became very desirable, because this increases the strength and reliability of the entire door structure. And the stability of the door in the opening improves special pins. For concrete walls, their length should reach at least ten centimeters, and for houses with brick masonry – twenty – twenty -five centimeters. Pay special attention to the loops of the door, because it is the correct distribution of the entire weight of the door by design that depends on them. Great choice is spherical loops, they practically do not allow distortions.

An important point is the choice of filler for the door. It must be made of non -combustible or material impregnated with anti -pyrens. It should also be environmentally friendly and not pose a threat to your health to your family. Such as a mineral plate or cotton wool have proven themselves well.

As for the locks, it is better to install not one, but two as many as the cylinder and leaf.

A very convenient door option -metal doors with a mirror. They are stylish and practical, because you do not need to think about where to hang a mirror.

The recommended distance between them is about thirty centimeters. Only when you yourself take care of your safety, it will be possible to calmly say “My house is my fortress”.


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