Fund size

Analyzing the expenditure of the wage fund, it is necessary to investigate the expenditure of wages in certain categories of employees (ITR, employees, MOPs, security, students).

Exaggeration under the INTS wage fund and employees may occur due to payments for the successful implementation of the plan, as well as payments for length of service. This overspending cannot be considered a lack of work of the enterprise.

Particularly thorough analysis should be subjected to states and the salary fund of administrative and managerial personnel.

Analyzing the salary of production workers, it is necessary to compare the binding (t. e. cleaned of any surcharges) wages for redistributions with the level of wages corresponding to the planned arrangement of workers. This reveals not only deviations from the set prices, but also hidden surcharges, unaccounted marriage, etc. D.

When analyzing the wages of production workers on redistribution, one should be guided by the planned labor intensity arising from the rational arrangement of labor, or by the relevant standards.

However, an obligatory prerequisite for such a comparison is the identification and allocation from the total salary of production workers of surcharges for the hourly salary fund, including for progressive wages, and the establishment of the amount of a hearing salary per unit of production and report after this.

Separate analysis, from the point of view of the correct accrual, are subject to surcharges for progressive wages.

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