Decorative plaster use in the interior

Today, for repairs, many companies use modern technologies and materials. With their help, you can create new trends in the construction sector.

Typically, advanced people and builders themselves use decorative plaster, which is suitable for external and internal work. Such material is created using special machines, as well as manually.

To get this type of decorative material, you need to add a certain part of stone crumbs, mineral additives, wood fibers and synthetic materials to the finished composition of the plaster. Having done this, you can get the necessary building materials for decoration of the room, which will diversify the interior with new colors.

Variable possibilities for embodying fantasies

The correctly selected material will create a variety of drawings on the surface of the wall, independently, the internal or external it will be. In the case when there is a desire to get an imitation of stone, or have a smooth glossy surface, this is not a big problem. It is enough to turn on your own imagination, and adding to a mixture of color at will, you can achieve absolutely amazing variations.

Interior transformation using decorative plaster – this, first of all, means moving over time in the leg. It is quite accessible independently, without resorting to outside help, creating a decoration of such a plan as the soul wants.

Features of the interior decoration

However, do not forget that decorative plaster in the interior during its design requires the main emphasis on the properties of decorativeness, leaving aside the strength characteristics.

However, even taking into account this, plaster in terms of wear resistance is several points above standard methods of wall decoration with wallpaper and other materials.

Decorative plaster is a stylish and truly universal solution for your home or office.

With its help, you can achieve amazing results that will delight you for a long time.

Similar materials:

DIY Venetian plaster is designed for the original and beautiful decoration of wall surfaces and columns, cornices and ceilings, as well as other decor elements, which

Currently, marble tiles are often used in the form of finishing material for external and internal surfaces.

Decorative stucco bark beetle is used for different surfaces – concrete, drywall, brick, solid fibrous plates, chipboard and sandwich panels

So, the walls have to leve so that the ceramic tile beige neatly lay down on them.

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