Heating systems warm skirting board MR Tektum from Alden Groups

Currently, suspended ceilings have gained great popularity. This is due to the relative simplicity of their installation, which does not require thoroughly aligning the surface. But the quality of these products is not always equally good and depends on the manufacturer, and it is it that affects the durability of the entire structure.

Modern equipment and innovative solutions

TPK “Alden Group” organized the production of a wide range of suspended aluminum ceilings. All ceiling elements made of aluminum or galvanized steel are obtained as a result of cold rolling. The production process is carried out on modern multifunctional equipment.

The company has at its disposal equipment, which makes it possible to accept and fulfill the order of any complexity within the lowest period. The company has on the staff of its own designers, which are the “brain” of the entire production process.

All products manufactured by the Alden Group TPK have successfully passed all the tests and received a quality certificate. Products are packaged in DIY format and they are assigned an individual barcode, according to the international system.

Product range

The main type of product of the TPK “Alden Group” are rack aluminum suspension ceilings, a wide range of which is presented in many retail outlets. The assortment of the company’s paintings also includes:

Sunny ceilings stretch.

Light transmitting ceilings.

Stretch ceilings, with the possibility of choosing a canvas manufacturer (Germany, France, China or Russia).

Groundless ceilings Grillo.

In addition, the company is a manufacturer of a variety of interior products and an energy -saving skirting system, which is an innovation in the market of such equipment. All products are produced under the brand “Mr.Tektum ”and can be used both in interiors of private premises and at industrial facilities.

Working with clients

Each client of the TPK “Alden Group” will be able to verify the advantages of the products of this company and cooperation with it:

The company’s specialists will quickly and accurately calculate, and mount the designs.

Products are produced according to patented innovative technologies.

For all products there are quality certificates.

The company delivers throughout the Russian Federation.

TPK “Alden Group” also organized a dealer network covering the entire territory of Russia. Products of this manufacturer are available in such large supermarkets of building materials as metric, maxid, brownie and K-Raut. Without a doubt, the TPK “Alden Group” is a reliable partner in the building materials market, which is a pleasure to work with!

Official site: Aldengroup

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